Wednesday, October 28, 2015

You Matter (Day 28 - Hope Against Hope)

I feel led to share a word of encouragement.  You may need to hear these words...YOU MATTER.

You may have been raised in a household where you weren't affirmed or didn't feel valued.  Sure, your parents did what was necessary to provide for you, but you didn't always feel the love.  Perhaps no one said "I love you."  No one asked your opinion.  There wasn't much family time.  Everyone did their own thing.

Or you may be like me who grew up in a family that affirmed me and made me feel confident enough to do anything.  Family time was important.  I have great memories of dinner time and family activities.  I never doubted the love of my family.  My parents put forth much effort to show my sister and I that we were important to them.  This was shown through their constant support and selflessness to ensure we were given the best they possibly could.

No matter which scenario you identify with the most, over time you can begin to feel devalued.  You can begin to feel as if you don't matter.  This can't be further from the truth!

We all matter to the God who created us.  At times, it's difficult to see and allow ourselves to experience His love simply because of our upbringing.  We have issues trusting others because no one seemed to have had our best interest at heart.  How can I trust God loves me when those who are supposed to love me have treated me unfairly and rejected me?

Although I didn't feel rejected by my family, there was a time I struggled with feeling rejected by God.  As I've mentioned before in an earlier post, things tended to work out in my favor as a child and into early adulthood.  Please don't mistake me and think I grew up with a silver spoon in my mouth.  This was not the case at all.  The only point I'm making is sometimes we can become so secure in ourselves, love from others and our own abilities that when we lose that sense of security, it hits hard.

I didn't initially have a problem trusting God.  But when things started happening that I hadn't planned, now there was an issue.

It wasn't so much just an issue in trusting who God is.  I believed in God and agreed the Bible accurately describes who God is.  I had lost hope that He was for me.  That I mattered.  That He cared for me.

Maybe this has been a struggle for you as well because we are fixated on how life or other people have treated us.  But God is not like people.  And life's experiences shouldn't cause us to doubt we matter to Him.

It does at times.  It has for me.

So what do we do when we feel inadequate?  When we feel disconnected from God?  When we just need to know we matter?

Bring your feelings before Him.  Release all of the hurt, anger and pain.  He is willing to free us if we are willing to yield ourselves fully to Him.  He wants to encourage and renew our minds with His word.

Our minds need to be renewed so our thoughts line up with His thoughts for us.  Pray sincerely that you begin to see yourself as He sees you.

Loved.  Wonderfully Made.  The Apple of His eye.  Beautiful.  Chosen.  Joyful.

Don't stop here friends.  There is so much to gain as you are intimate with Him.  He will continue to reveal what He thinks of you, what you were created to do.

Maybe you know this struggle all too well.  It's liberating to share our stories.  You matter and your story matters.  I'd love to hear from you.  Feel free to comment below.

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