Tuesday, October 6, 2015

When You Almost Give Up Hope Part II (Day 6 - Hope Against Hope)

Photo by Federicka Rizzo licensed under Creative Commons 

Yesterday's post was hard.  I struggle sometimes telling my story.  There is so much to be said, I could literally write for hours...

But at some point I have to stop myself.  I have to tell myself it is enough.  I have to trust that what I am trying to convey in my words will reach those who need it most.  To encourage and strengthen.  To inspire hope.  Against hope.

The story continues.

I can recall the day we first heard our baby's heartbeat.  It was music to my ears that had grown accustomed to silence.  It was confirmation a life was growing inside of me.   A living being!

The doctor gave us a recording of the heartbeat and I listened to it over and over and over.  I was wowed that God did this for us!  He answered our prayers and gave us the desire of our hearts.

Pregnancy seemed to be a breeze.  Nothing like the horror stories I had heard. I experienced no morning sickness and my only complaint was I was more tired than I have ever been!  It was a drunken kind of tired.  A tiredness that hurt.  I'm talking fall asleep at the red light tired!

But if that was all I had to deal with, I welcomed it gladly.  If I vomited everyday, I believe I would have welcomed this gladly as well.  I just wanted my baby.  The process of getting the baby here was my least worry!

My baby bump begin to grow.  I loved watching the change occurring in my body.  I had a justifiable excuse to go shopping!

I had passed the critical point of my first trimester and I knew everything was going to be okay.  So many women had paved the way before me.  The doctors were saying everything was going well.


Things quickly took a turn.

Stay with me friends.  As I write, I feel this.  I relive this.  But I hope still...

Feel free to comment below.

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  1. Keep writing. Your story matters!!!

  2. Looking forward to tomorrow's post. I may know of your story, but I don't "know" your story. Mine was October 1987, 28 years ago, but in my heart and soul it feels like yesterday. As I write this comment I cannot fight the tears. The wound may be healed, but the scar is still there. Glad I decided to go on this journey with you.

    1. Ms. Kathy that is so true, isn't it? We know bits and pieces, but we really don't 'know'. Thank you for reading and sharing your story. Every story matters. I'm sorry you have experienced this too. The scar will always be there. But we can learn to live with it, grow from it and encourage others. Blessings!