Monday, October 26, 2015

Surrender Takes Work (Day 26 - Hope Against Hope)

Dying to ourselves is no small feat.  There's a fleshly part of us that wants to control, to dominate, to steer the wheel so to speak. 

We strive to be our best selves.  We are involved with so much activity in our day to day lives.  From relationships to work, we are busy doing.  Left to ourselves, we will treat our relationship with God the same way.  Filled with activity and seeking approval based on our works. 

But to let go of our ability to do, we must labour to completely surrender ourselves to Christ.  He is not interested in anything we do in ourselves.  

To allow Him to work in us is the real work.  As I've studied the Bible, those who were most used by God had the uncomfortable task of yielding themselves completely to God.  

This does not come easy.  It feels risky, uncertain and downright scary.  But yet it is so freeing!  We have to get 'us' out of the way and learn to rest in Him.  To trust in Him.  To be content in Him.

Jesus did this.  He was so anxious of what He knew was to come, but He rested in God's will.  He then was able to fulfill it even though it caused Him much pain and agony as He died for our sins on the cross.

He trusted God already knew the outcome.  There was a greater good as a result.  

Surrender takes work.  It is a beautiful work.  It is the true gospel.  It is holy.  It is what we who represent Christ to the earth are called to do.  

Fight to die daily.  Fight to live for Him wholly.  Fight to surrender.  You will win in the end. 

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