Thursday, October 22, 2015

Holy Surrender Part I (Day 22 - Hope Against Hope)

The very definition of holiness is to be pure, set apart and virtuous.  It is to be godly, having moral excellence.

This is how we as Christians are supposed to live as we model our lives after our great example, Jesus.  We are charged to live holy as He is holy. 

The greatest act of holiness Jesus did was to surrender His will to die on our behalf.  Jesus was in such agony over this that as He prayed and pleaded to God to see if there was another possible way, He began to sweat blood.  Imagine with me how anxious and tormented  Jesus must have felt!  Yet He surrendered. 

You and I may have experienced levels of pain that if it was possible we didn't have to experience, we would bypass without question.

We want to live comfortably.  We don't want to have bad days, let alone gloomy seasons. 

But what if your experience, my experience is to make us holy?  What if it compels us to fall on our faces in surrender to God?  What if surrendering is holy?

I will continue this post and discuss how to surrender.  Why should we?

I'm so thankful you are taking this journey  with me.  Feel free to comment below.

P.S. I am on vacation with my husband.  I do want to respect our time together so my posts may be a little shorter.  Thank you for understanding.

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