Friday, June 14, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Listen

Listening is hard.  It can be uncomfortable.  Those who listen well are great imtimacy builders.

God has been prompting me, teaching me to listen to what truly matters.  I am learning to listen to Him.  This defies the woman in me that likes to be on the move, to get things done quickly who fits right in with our microwave fast-paced society. 

I am away now from distractions of text messages and phone calls.  A place where I can hear the sounds of the river.  I can hear the voice of Living Waters.  Every day as I wait and listen for His voice, I'm learning who I am in Him.  He is guiding me and directing me. He is listening to me.

I am learning to slow down, to do the afflictive, to die to my convenience and listen and wait in His presence.  It is beautiful.  It is peaceful.  It is what He intended from the beginning.