Sunday, October 4, 2015

Prayer of Hope and Encouragement (Day 4- Hope Against Hope)

Sunday's posts throughout this 31 Day series of "Hope Against Hope" will feature a prayer as we learn to hope against hope and encourage us throughout our journey.

Pray this prayer from your heart.  Pray in sincerity.  Believe you are praying to a God who loves you deeply and desires for you to know Him ever so intimately.  He is beckoning us.  This always amazes me that the God of all creation wants to hear from me and desires to commune with me.  He desires to commune with you also dear reader.  Will you pray to Him today?

Our Heavenly Father, I pray that You enable me to desire You above all things, above every desire of my heart, above every need, above EVERYTHING.  I want You to have preeminence and hold your rightful place in my life.  Help me to seek You first in all things with everything within me.  Nothing trumps knowing I am in right standing with You. When my faith fails me and hoping seems hopeless, remind me that You are for me and Your plans for me are Your best for me.  When the enemy tries to blind me of Your love and impress upon my heart that You've forgotten me, gently remind me that You too felt abandoned by Your Father when You were on the Cross. For me. For us. No matter what I encounter, strengthen me along my journey.  Be with me.  Let there always be a praise for you on my lips simply because of who You are. To You be all the glory.

In Jesus' name.  Amen.

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