Friday, July 5, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Beautiful

Beautiful Beginnings

Newness.  A fresh start.  Second chances.  

I so desire to be a morning person.  In fact, I envy those who are natural born early risers.   I honestly feel like I'm missing so much of what God wants me to have, experience and hear when I sleep in.  A perfect kickoff would be awakening to a hot cup of tea (with creamer of course) in quiet stillness.  Listening to His voice, with Bible and journal in hand.  A time to hear and respond to His direction for the day.  Sadly, these mornings are often a figment of my imagination.  

But because I've been gifted with yet another beautiful beginning to rise early and spend time in His presence, it is getting easier and easier each day.  But not without being intentional and putting forth effort on my part.  It requires laying aside the night owl and slaying the temptations to be awake until the wee hours of the night.  

I'm getting closer.  I'm beginning a new habit; a new lifestyle.  

Beautiful indeed.  He is making me beautiful.  He is making me like Him.  Each day; a beautiful beginning.  


  1. Well said, Resealiea! I have decided to embrace the reality that I am a night owl, and that it is beautiful. But your post makes me have second thoughts....... :)

  2. RESEALIA. You have a gift! You write beautifully; I am SO excited to keep following you! Woohoo! What a great site...and if you are naturally a night owl, then combining the two of us in a hotel room in October will lead to no sleep at all {early bird here}! Ha! Can't wait to meet you in person!!

    1. Jennifer your words of encouragement bring joy to my heart! Thanks so much!!! And trust me, in October I'm sure we'll pull some all-nighters. You may not be able to rise so early. :-) Looking forward to good times!